Completed Civil Projects

LORAC - Sydney Port Botany Terminal 3

In February we achieved substantial completion at the Sydney Port Botany Terminal 3 site for Laing O Rourke. We signed a contract for $3.5 million to install all of the storm water at the site with the lines being up to 1200mm in diameter and 4m deep. There is over 12km of drainage on the site and nearly 50 GPT’s all of which are in excavations between 6 and 8 metres square and 6m deep. We added an excavator mounted vibrator to the fleet earlier this year which has proven to be a valuable asset and the deeper components of the drainage system installed at Botany have gone in with relative ease. We have also completed a huge amount of day works on the site to help Laing O Rourke keep to their program. We have helped with Earthworks, Structures, Electrical and Communications teams.


JOHN HOLLAND - Maitland to Whittingham Third Track - Stage 2

We spent nine months on the project since starting out with a contract to install a 750mm stormwater line 700m long at an average depth of 4.5m. We then progressed onto day works and our team has installed 36 cross lines, 700m of sub soil drainage as well as numerous tail outs complete with headwalls, rock mats and gabion mattresses. We have also cut swales, installed and seeded jute mesh to hasten the construction areas return to a more natural state.


CENTRAL COAST HIGHWAY UPGRADE – RMS [Reed Group original contract]

Work began in November of 2010 on a $450k contract to install 2.5km of Stormwater drainage. Day works then took this figure to $750k with crews called upon to complete service re-locations and Civil works to the RTA’s specification. With the collapse of the Reed Group we had a period of inactivity on the site for six months but finished the last of the drainage on a direct contract with the RMS.


DARLING WALK – CBA Head office – Bovis Lendlease

Practical completion 7th October 2011. We spent four months on an ambitious project, undermining an existing 450mm Sydney Water Sewer Main and constructing a Manhole 8m deep around the carrier main. A laser bore was then shot by Pezzamenti’s to take the flow from the new buildings sewage treatment plant into the new Manhole. This was only the second time a main of this size has been undermined in Sydney.



  • Reliance Rail maintenance facility works in Auburn – John Holland 
    500mm & 660mm MSCL sewer rising main
  • Hornsby Rail Interchange – Laing O’ Rourke
    150mm UPVC sewer main, water main plus track formation.
    These works included ballast and capping 1.5km of track
    Dunmore Rail Duplication
    John Holland 
    500m of 225mm track drainage 
  • Cronulla Rail Duplication - John Holland
    Works included a package of stormwater, sewer, fire service, gas and domestic water,
    as well as combined electrical and communications pits and conduits.
    We took the contract from structural level to final track formation.
    The earthworks included all compaction testing, capping installation including grading,
    rolling and ballast to install to final levels
  • Greta Rail Duplication – John Holland
    250m x 225mm track drainage
  • Hornsby possessions June 2012 to June 2014 – John Holland
    300mm FRC sub soil drainage
  • Wollongong possession July 2012 – John Holland
    225mm sub soil track drainage
  • Hurstville possession May 2013 to June 2014 – TSA/JHG
    225mm sub soil track drainage Hawkesbury possession June 2013 – TSA/JHG
    300mm sub soil track drainage
  • Blacktown Culvert extension TS/JHG
    Twin 2.4m stormwater pipe culvert extension 5m under the track in a weekend possession